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Celebrity Skin: Courtney Love sports see-through lace dress to promote her new line of cigarettes at Coachella
Promotions have included a profanity-filled web video starring the bottle blonde, who enjoys an indoor puff while ticking off an elderly lady. But it was the 90s icon's bohemian ensemble that brought the real heat to the smoking party.
Marshall football: Contract approved for indoor facility
It gives other university sports like track and baseball an indoor home. It's also a huge carrot for recruiting. "Recruiting's the name of the game," Holliday said. "We talk about how it's a personnel-driven game. Kids buy with their eyes. When they walk ...
Indoor cricket newcomers put themselves in the firing line
A little warning though, this game is not for the faint of heart, you may want to purchase a little protection for the family jewels and stay on your toes when inside the net! Anyone wanting to join the indoor cricket competition at Tweed Super sports can ...
Indoor Lacrosse Lessons and League Play
Hot4Lax Indoor Lacrosse at Uihlein Indoor Soccer Complex - starts ... This is a great opportunity to learn the game of lacrosse, further develop a players skills in the pre-season and get ready for the spring tryouts. Each youth group will meet one ...
Indoor Soccer Coming to Laredo
The City of Laredo will soon have another professional sporting option as indoor soccer is headed to the Gateway City ... Arena Soccer League to begin playing this November. The game is played six-on-six in a field the size of a hockey arena, with ...
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What, if anything, could have been done to prevent massacre
Buford says the problem is too complex to address simply with stricter gun control measures, increased security or banning violent video games. But a big part ... And Dick’s Sporting Goods has suspended sales of semiautomatic rifles at its ...
The sports education career avenue
Both indoor and outdoor ... enthusiasts who wish to attend/participate in varied sporting events - is flourishing as well. Still more options like sports law, contract management, sale of sporting goods, etc. are interesting dimensions too.
Kicking off a real discussion in the NFL
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell disclosed that the league was considering ending kickoffs, a measure intended to avert serious injuries without dramatic change to the game. Once upon ... And where were you, Dick’s Sporting Goods, when I needed you?
Gun retailers take extra measures in weapon sales, education
Investors also continued to bail out of other gunmakers while the retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods said it would stop selling military ... along with mental health issues and violent video games, Cerberus cobbled Freedom Group together by ...
With state's backing, Nike now must choose where to build
Business is booming and hiring continues at the world's largest sporting goods company. But division managers know ... as well as a Microsoft Xbox 360 video game. The company's primary digital partner, global ad agency AKQA, opened an office ...
Shattered Newtown tries to make sense of tragedy
She said that on the morning of the shooting, Mark Barden played a game with his son and taught him a Christmas song on the piano. "They played foosball and then ... In Pittsburgh, Dick's Sporting Goods said it is suspending sales of modern ...